Passionate Nomads

(La pasión de los nómades)

Aliform Press, Minneapolis 2011. Estados Unidos. Traducción de Brett Alan Sanders

passionate nomades


Merlin the Magician and his ward Rosaura dos Carballos depart the old world and set off on a journey through modern Argentina, wandering travelers trying to reconcile the past and the present of the Americas. Their search for the legendary Ranquel Indians brings them into contact with lost manuscripts and the ghosts of dead adventurers. In a land burdened by history, only the passion of being nomads lets these exiles survive.

María Rosa Lojo is one of contemporary Latin America’s most intriguing and unique narrative voices. She has won numerous prizes for her writing both at home and abroad and in 2010 received the Bicentennial Award from the city of Buenos Aires for her contribution to Argentine culture.

Brett Alan Sanders is an award-winning writer and translator, as well as a contributing editor to Tertulia Magazine. His other translations include María Rosa Lojo’s poetry collection Esperan la mañana verde (Awaiting the Green Morning).

“Passionate Nomads  is a most extraordinary addition to the literature of the New World. To bring Merlin the Magician and a daughter of Morgan Le Fay over to 20th-century Argentina might be merely whimsical, but then to revive the Indians of the pampas along with a 19th-century general who both wrote about them and helped massacre them takes fictional daring of a high order. María Rosa Lojo evoke a profound fantasy of the real – not a rewriting of history, but an imaginative recall and understanding of what has been forgotten, cannot be remembered, and yet must be remembered.”

Ursula K. Le Guin, author of The Left Hand of Darkness and theEarthsea and Catwings series

“Lojo’s fiction places her as a first-rate writer.”

               Ernesto Sábato

“Original, complex, profound, poetic, brilliant…”

              Enrique Anderson

“A beautiful metaphor of nostalgia, of a glorified past full of hope, sadly disappeared.”

                Hispamérica (USA)



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